This is a timeless article about beliefs that can hinder us in having a healthy relationship with our body.

Humans organize their bodies around what their brains believe might happen. Beliefs stem from past experience; for better or worse, they’re our best guesses for future wellbeing. Your beliefs manifest in the position of your spine, the depth of your breathing, your blood pressure, skin temperature and the tension in your muscles. Your strengths, skills, injuries and illnesses flow directly from these physical states.

The relationship goes both ways. The brain assigns meaningful predictions to physical sensations—sometimes mistakenly.

This means that we can influence how our bodies move by addressing our beliefs, and we can generate new beliefs by how we move our bodies.

Kevin Moore is a body medicine practitioner and developer of the reembody method. He offers in-person sessions, video sessions, and certification training for body practitioners. He is also a leader in the movement for responsible fitness.

His advice which I share: your beliefs affect your body so it’s worth looking into them.

Three Beliefs That Break Your Body | Reembody Method Blog