During my dieting days I shunned swimming after reading (debunked) research that showed it didn’t result in weight loss despite the calories burned. Much research now supports swimming as excellent exercise, including for weight. And now there’s news that it may slow down aging.

Additionally, it’s an activity that’s easy on joints and able to be adapted to most disabilities. In the U.S. a pool membership (such as the YMCA) may even be included in your health insurance plan. My experience of going to swim aerobics with my father in Tennessee was that all body types were represented and no one was judged.

Many of us have happy childhood memories of swimming, and any parent can tell you that kids love the water. Once you get over the idea of a bathing suit, you may rekindle your own memories of fun in the water. There are many water activities other than laps and it’s an enjoyable way to be active.

Whether it’s enjoying a summer swim outside or making use of an indoor pool, it’s time to jump in.

Swimming May Slow Down Aging By Decades | Zoomer