Membership in body club is now open, and it doesn’t cost a thing. There’s nothing to click or fill out. To join all you need is a body, and the desire to live in it more comfortably.

To help you along I’ve come up with some “rules” for our secret sisterhood club. The first rule of body club, just like fight club, is don’t talk about your body. The second rule of body club is to talk about your body – but only with one or a few trusted people (a safe friend, coach, or counselor for instance).

Which brings us to the third rule of body club. And that’s to value your body for what it does for you, not what it looks like.

In the words of body image specialist Dr. Lindsay Kite, your body is an instrument, not an ornament. The question is, how does your body support you, vs. how does your body look. Is your body keeping you alive and allowing you to move through life, even with some pains and limitations along the way?

We need this body club rule because bodies don’t follow the rules. Like children, bodies are  unruly. They have fluctuating energy. They have needs of their own. They don’t always perform as we would wish. And most of all, they don’t consult the media for advice on how they should look.

However, one of our greatest gifts is that as long as our body is alive, it’s working at all times for our best interest. It may not feel this way because you’ve become disconnected from your body’s wisdom. But the truth is that your body is always there for you. It’s trying to keep up, regardless of how you abuse it, starve it, or push it. It’s there behind the scenes doing its best to support you, regardless of its age and mileage.

What is your body doing for you to allow you to wake up to another day on this planet? Isn’t it time to value that? And maybe say thank you?

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