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Don't let being overweight let you play small

The Hardest Thing She’s Ever Done – Writer Laura Lippman on Eating What She Wants

Writer Laura Lippman brings us along her journey toward wholeness at age 60 in this essay of body and eating from the Fine Lines: Writing About Age series. Don't miss her beautiful writing and inspiration for the journey out of dieting. It has taken me more than 40...

Weight and Health: What Does the Research Show?

You might be surprised at what the research between weight and health really shows. There is actually very little support for losing weight as a health strategy outside of the statistical extremes. In some cases, extra weight is actually predictive of longevity! This...

The 70 Year Old Research that Shows Why Dieting Doesn’t Work

The experience of the men in the Minnesota Starvation Experiment of 1944 shows exactly how dieting creates food obsession and binging. The research can’t be formally replicated again because it’s too cruel, but women are replicating it themselves every day. If you are...

Science, Not Shame, Is Behind Weight Re-Gain

You have no doubt heard about the research on the The Biggest Loser contestants showing that 13 of the 14 gained back some or all of the weight lost. Researchers believe that the reason is depressed metabolism, meaning that the former contestants now burned hundreds...

What It Looks Like to Live Without Shame

I dare you not to be motivated and inspired by this powerful presentation on living a shame free life regardless of your circumstances.  It's one that I keep on rotation for whenever I need a reminder to stop waiting and take action. In this talk Whitney Thore, star...

An Example of How Restrictive Diets Create Obsession

Beware the dangers of hanging onto an extreme way of eating past the point where it’s enhancing your physical or psychological health. This is one woman's experience with adopting an extreme "Paleo" diet, but the lessons extend to any extreme system of eating. Her...