This year I finally got rid of my “skinny clothes,” after realizing how hanging onto them was undermining my health. This article covers some of the reasons why.

Keep those old clothes from when you were skinny- because one day you’ll fit into them again. Up until recently I truly saw nothing wrong with that sentence. But for me, keeping these clothes was just another way I could subconsciously disapprove of my body.

This author had clothes that were 5 years old – some of mine were more like 20! It wasn’t just my skinny body that I hoped to recover, but my young one too which obviously was even less attainable. The result for me was making room for new clothes that fit my current body and age, and a renewed confidence and energy.

Is this seemingly small thing holding you back too? Holding Onto Skinny  Clothes  Is  A  Bigger  Deal  Than  You  Think  |  Recovery  Warriors