A survey from the UK in 2016 showed that 48% of Brits (and a whopping 57% of British women) have tried to lose weight in the last year and two thirds of these report that they are attempting weight loss “all or most of the time.”

“Many men and women spend a lot of their lives trying to lose weight by trying different diets and often they end up in a cycle where they start a diet, lose some weight, lose will power (often due to unrealistic expectations of many diets or the impracticalness of many diets) and then fall off the diet and end up putting weight back on,” nutritional consultant Charlotte Stirling-Reed told The Huffington Post UK.

Despite all of the effort in the past years, these weight loss efforts have not met with success for most. Clearly diets don’t work to sustain long term weight loss and we have to embrace new approaches.

Two Thirds of Brits Are On a Diet Most Of The Time | Huffington Post