Somehow self care has gone from being a necessary part of a healthy life to becoming a status symbol. The Feel Good Diaries produced by Refinery 29 chronicles the wellness routines of women today, featuring superfood salads, trendy fitness classes, and luxury spa appointments.

There’s nothing wrong with these so long as you can afford them, but they aren’t actually self care.

Far from being a status symbol, real self care means getting your human needs met in all areas – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual among them. Knowing that you need enough sleep, that a decent lunch will power you through the afternoon, and that time for some reading in the evening recharges your creativity are all examples of self care. The same with knowing when to speak up and defend your boundaries and when to go with the flow, or when to push through versus when to take a break.

These aren’t things you make an appointment for. So, go ahead and splurge on some grooming or whatever helps you feel good. But don’t buy into self care as a status symbol when it’s actually a necessity for living – one that has costs only when you don’t make it a priority.

How Did Self Care Become a Status Symbol | Salon