Reading Geneen Roth’s books years ago was my initial wake up call about the dangers of dieting. Through her vulnerable writing I could begin to see what was going on underneath my emotional eating. Like the author of this article, Geneen has been one of my heroes. So when comments started popping up on Facebook and in the media about her fatphobia, I went to investigate.

It’s easy for those of us who talk and write about eating and body to fall into the old stereotype of demonizing fat or suggesting that there’s something wrong with fat on our bodies. I’ve done it too, and I cringe sometimes when I run across older writing. Let this be a wake up call for us all to go deeper in addressing our own judgments, and to address our own areas of privilege.

Kudos to dietician Tracy Brown for her insight.

When You See Your Hero’s Fatphobic Blind Spots | Tracy Brown RD