Intuitive eating relies on recognizing when you’re hungry and when you’re full. The problem is that if you’ve spent time dieting you may have lost touch with these internal signals.

This is normal and happens to most of us. When I was first told to use my appetite as a guide for eating that felt as impossible as flying to the moon. Even now, years later, I sometimes struggle with this seemingly simple concept.

This article provides some good ideas for what to do in this situation. There’s also a link to a guide for internal and external eating cues.

Getting back in touch with your appetite signals is well worth the effort as they are the only reliable cue as to how much to eat. When you’re guided by these internal cues you can stop eating naturally when you’re satisfied, and not end up with a backlog of diet induced deprivation.

4 Ways to Apply Intuitive Eating Principles When You Have Unreliable Internal Cues | Medium