Intuitive eating is not a diet, nor is it a “craze” as the media seems to want to push. Intuitive eating is simply re-connecting with your appetite signals and learning to listen to your body and its needs in making food choices. It’s eating the way you were born knowing before dieting got in the way.

You can’t find peace with food as long as you remain in diet mentality and look to intuitive eating as a weight loss method.

Rather, intuitive eating is a way of getting out of the dieting cycle of loss followed by re-gain and allowing your body to find it’s natural best weight. Many women however do find that they lose weight when they are no longer caught up in rebellion eating, emotional eating, strong cravings, or overeating following the restrictions of dieting.

By allowing all food you are not saying that Cheetos have the same nutritional value as kale. Intuitive eating accepts that all food has a place within a healthy diet. By eating some chips when you want them you can avoid the backlog of deprivation that results in eating whole bags at a later date.

Pushers of diets want us to believe that we’re the problem and not the crazy diets. Intuitive eating allows you to create your own best diet and eat in the way that’s best for you and your body every day, without the need for outside rules and restrictions.

Is Intuitive Eating a Credible Diet or Just a Craze? | Euro News