Finally my questionable UK Daily Mail reading results in something useful. This article is their expose on stars who have released fitness videos. It appears that several used other methods than what they’re selling including weight loss camps, extreme calorie restriction, and intensive training to appear in their “after” bodies.

According to one, Natalie Cassidy the Eastenders star’s Then & Now Workout weight loss and fitness DVD sold more than 100,000 copies in its first month of release. However, she later admitted: ‘It was all a bit of a farce. It was all wrong.’

The actress revealed that dropping from a size 16 to a 6 for the best selling release left her feeling desperately unhappy.  And despite telling people her dramatic weight loss was due to working out, there was also a lot of extreme calorie counting behind the scenes. She has since kept weight off, but has not maintained a size six figure.

This is another reminder that while moving your body and staying active are good things, extreme efforts often backfire. And also, don’t believe everything you see when it comes to stars and weight loss. who have released exercise DVDs failed to keep the weight off | Daily Mail Online