Awareness is often half the battle. And awareness of how “fatphobia” is being sold will go a long way in helping you make truly healthy choices about your body and your eating.

Fatphobia is a great selling point, but what we need to understand is that it’s only that: a selling point.

It keeps us engaged in buying “health” without actually understanding that healthy behaviors don’t have aesthetic outcomes. It empties our wallets and feeds a system that preys on our insecurities, and then empties our emotional reserves by setting us up, constantly, for failure.

I know I’m healthier now at a higher weight than I was super skinny. Among other things I’m no longer binging, my overall diet is far healthier, my hair and skin are healthier, my digestion is healthier, and I’ve got more energy. I’d still like to lose weight, but know that desire is about aesthetics, and not health. And I’m no longer willing to do unhealthy or untested things to achieve weight loss.

It’s not easy to stand strong in your truth when it doesn’t match aesthetic expectations, and that’s why it’s important to constantly reinforce the beliefs that support you.’s How Fatphobia Is Being Marketed to You – And Why So Many of Us Buy Into It | Read more at Everyday Feminism