This is an older article but it’s still relevant because detox diets haven’t gone away. One of the chief proponents of the idea you can “flush” fat, Ann Louise Gittleman, is back with a new book on metabolism full of the same nonsense.

This article discusses problems with the ideas in one of her earlier books.

The thinking goes that by avoiding certain foods, adding nutritional and herbal supplements and cleansing your innards, you can cure the body of all sorts of evils. “It is the opinion of mainstream and state-of-the-art medicine and physiology that these claims are not only ludicrous but tantamount to fraud,” said Dr. Peter Pressman, an internist with the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, Fla., and a critic of detoxification. “The contents of what ends up being consumed during a ‘detox’ are essentially stimulants, laxatives and diuretics.” Those Toxins! Eh, Not So Fast | The New York Times