We should all stop worrying about nutritional minutiae according to registered dietician Robyn of The Real Life RD blog. In this article she discusses three major reasons why obsession with what’s in your food works against health.

I learned the same in my training. According to the psychological perspective, the healthiest thing you can do is simply enjoy what you’re eating. When you feel pleasure in your eating that puts your body into a state of relaxation which allows you to optimal digest and use the nutrients. It’s also in the state of relaxation where your body repairs and rebuilds.

There are far, far more important things that impact our health besides the ingredients in your ketchup. Like stress. This is simply my own clinical experience and not evidence based research, but I have never come across a client or patient who has become overall healthier by micromanaging every food that went into their mouth and living in fear of what ingredients might be in their food. Because living that way causes so much psychological distress that ultimately impacts your physical health (gastrointestinal symptoms being some of the most common..) that it doesn’t matter how “healthy” you eat…you might not be healthy at all.


https://www.thereallife-rd.com/2018/05/nutritional-minutiae-does-not-matter/Nutritional Minutiae Does Not Matter As Much As We Think It Does | The Real Life RD