Model Bridget Malcolm is recovering from dieting and undereating. Here she discusses how the advice of a celebrity “nutritionist” led her to become extremely underweight while also having negative effects on her health and body image. It’s a horrifying story and an excellent reminder that you should listen to yourself first.

This person took my fat measurements, and claimed me to be “a mess”. My BMI was in the underweight range. To be honest, I’m not really sure what a mess even means. Any trained dietician would probably recommend me putting on a few pounds. But, this person thought I needed ‘all the help I could get’ to lose that pesky extra weight that was regulating my hormones and keeping me healthy. The plan was simple. Shakes and steamed vegetables that brought me to well below 800 calories a day, and fistfuls of supplements – all that they sell to you.

Bridget’s experience highlights our society’s current obsession with a female ideal of beauty that is unhealthy and not sustainable for most of us. Is this what we want for ourselves and our daughters? Isn’t it time we stop chasing weight loss at any price?

The second article linked below, also written by Bridget, a  Medium member article in which she writes for Bazaar Magazine about her recovery experience from chronic dieting and how women need to understand the sacrifices made to maintain low weight when it’s not your body’s natural state. (Medium allows non-members to read a few member articles each month.) Celebrity ‘Nutritionists’ | BRIDGET MALCOLM OFFICIAL


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