Here are some quick case studies of what has helped 16 women the most when it came to stopping emotional eating.

Although the methods vary greatly, they have several things in common including stopping dieting, mindfulness, self compassion, getting educated on what emotional eating really is, and learning to experience emotions in different ways.

While there is generally not one single thing that stops all unwanted emotional eating, some of these ideas may provide you with new tools.

Knowing you’re eating out of emotion and not true hunger is the first step, she says, but there are as many different ways to deal with emotions as there are women having them. For Scritchfield that means using a technique she calls “spiraling up,” a method of visualizing emotions to regulate them—instead of turning to cookies or chocolate. For other women, however, it involves meditation, therapy, exercise, or even ritualistic hand tapping. Is The ONE Thing That Helped Me Stop My Emotional Eating For Good | More at