Ranch dressing is certainly one of my must have “foods.” After an evening spent making it from scratch I had to laugh when this article appeared in my news feed.

Since what passes as ranch dressing in the Netherlands doesn’t meet my standards I’ve had to resort to making it myself with no little spice packet to assist. However, the upside is it’s way better than the bottle. Everyone who eats it at my house now asks for the recipe. I substitute yogurt for most of the mayo and like the fresh taste better. Even with the packet, I’ve found using buttermilk ups the game. An advantage of the yogurt substitution is that it becomes less rich and thus I can pour on more.

If you’re interested, here’s the complicated recipe and here’s an easy way that’s just as good: mix up yogurt, buttermilk, dried chives, dried dill, powdered garlic, salt and pepper in any combination you like. Add a spoon or two of mayo if desired.

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