In the experience of this psychologist, overachievers often comfort themselves with food and put physical needs last. She finds that underachievers take fewer dietary risks. According to her even the flavors we prefer may have something to do with our personality with adrenaline junkies gravitating to spicy food while those who prefer salty and crunchy are competitive.

While this is entirely non-scientific, your food preferences can help you better understand your eating choices. My own thought is that the more you correlate your moods with your eating choices the more you will understand yourself. What foods do you reach for when you’re feeling anxious, competitive, or need comfort? When are you adventurous with food and when do you crave an old favorite? Are you drawn to different foods in different seasons? Or are your food preferences different when relaxed than when stressed? Start noticing and see what you can learn. your personality type could influence your food choices