Here’s a fun article with some interesting contrary evidence. The important point it makes is to not let fear, black and white thinking, or false beliefs dictate your food choices.

I’m certainly not advocating a Cheese Whiz diet here and hope only to provide some balance to the conversation about processed vs. whole foods. The more educated you are about what’s in your food, the better…so long as you don’t use that knowledge to create food rules that lead to disordered eating.

Sandy Szwarc, a nurse with a degree in biological science says this about Cheese Whiz:

A recent Wired article even called it “the world’s most unnatural food.” Author Patrick Di Justo attempted to horrify and disgust us by describing its ingredients as waste products being dumped on unsuspecting customers! Well, I’m about to show you — using the very same health benefits claimed by natural food and supplement proponents — that Cheese Whiz should actually be called the world’s best health food! 🙂 Science: Processed foods aren’t real food |