Eating your feelings isn’t limited to Democrats, but this article points to research saying the Dems are 50% more likely to be eating and drinking in response to the 2018 midterms. On the other hand, excess exercise is also on the rise.

Regardless of your politics, if this is true for you, you can find some timely tips for curbing emotional eating and over exercising in this article.

What appears to be happening among many concerned voters, is that they’re resorting excessively to the habits that help us de-stress, whether that’s eating, drinking or exercising. “Depending on how you’re used to dealing with stress, people tend to gravitate toward that habit more,” says Dr. Mysore. “If you had a hard day, you’ll have a glass of wine, so maybe you’re doing that more. Same for people who are stress eaters — they’ll eat more. If you’re more prone to sweat it out when stressed, then you’ll do that more.” political climate is making Democrats ‘eat their feelings.’ Here’s how to manage the stress.