Many women become caught up in dieting in an effort to lose weight for the purpose of preventing or improving Type II diabetes. In the U.S. and other developed countries, we think of diabetes and obesity as linked, driven by sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices. But new research shows that this isn’t the case everywhere. In India, diabetic patients aren’t often obese, or even overweight. Weight it turns out is only part of the story of diabetes risk.

This documentary goes into fascinating new research on why diabetes risk differs by country including the role of visceral fat, the limitations of the body mass index (BMI)  and why weight is only a part of the puzzle. But the most stunning findings relate to the impact that lack of prenatal nutrition and low body weight at birth have on your chances for developing diabetes later in life.

The 25 minute video is produced by The Science Communication Lab in partnership with Slate Magazine: New Face of Diabetes In The Developing World | Read more at