Not scared of food you think? Maybe so, but maybe think again…

Most women who have been caught up in a dieting lifestyle have a fear of food they deem “bad.” And this can lead to almost every food inducing some level of fear and guilt.

Love potatoes but you’ve heard they have a high glygemic index? Have no digestive issues with wheat but still hear a voice in the back of your head telling you that it’s not healthy? That’s what I’m talking about. In fact, even hunger itself or the act of eating can become something shameful.

Just tell me what to eat, I’m often asked.

And the answer is that the path to making peace with food encompasses accepting all kinds of food as simply differing forms of nutrition, none better than the other. This means no more “good” or “bad” foods. And surprisingly, this means giving yourself permission to eat what gives you pleasure, and to eat foods that aren’t objectively the best choices for health.

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