Even the giant diet organization Weight Watchers no longer wants to be affiliated with dieting. And the very good reason is that women are waking up to the fact that dieting doesn’t work.

Although weight loss remains a multibillion-dollar industry, dieting isn’t exactly seen as cool. According to Market Research, the number of dieters is actually falling.

Instead of dieting the new emphasis will be on wellness according to the Weight Watchers CEO. But buyer beware because wellness has become code for the same old dieting dressed up a bit with green smoothies and meditation.

“In general, for the most part in the 21st century, ‘wellness’ is just the new guise of diet culture,” according to Christy Harrison, of the wonderful Food Psych podcast. Weight Watchers she says has “contributed in a huge way to the unrealistic standards of body size that we see today”

https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/laurenstrapagiel/weight-watchers-rebranding-ww-diet-cultureWeight Watchers Is Changing Its Name. Here’s Why It Can’t Survive As A Diet-Only Brand.