Many things affect our weight. Apparently even if we were bullied as a child, as shown in this research. This research adds to a growing body of knowledge about the effects of stress during our developmental years on our present health.

That’s why we can’t dismiss our story in our efforts toward health and healthy weight. Everything that has happened in the past has the potential to affect our body in the present. The past doesn’t have to be destiny, if brought to light and released.

Childhood victims of bullying have nearly double the risk of being overweight at 18 years of age compared to non-bullied children, according to a new study by researchers at King’s College London.

Victims of chronic bullying were 1.7 times more likely to be overweight as young adults than non-bullied children (29 percent prevalence compared to 20 percent). Bullied children also had a higher BMI and waist-hip ratio at the age of 18. Finally, at the time of victimization, bullied children were not more likely to be overweight than non-bullied children, indicating that overweight children were not simply more likely to fall victim to bullying. Kids May Have Double the Risk of Being Overweight at 18 | Read more at Psych Central News