Do you know that weight loss surgery using the gastric bypass method can have consequence for alcohol use? Any alcohol you drink has a stronger and quicker response, and you are apparently more likely to develop an alcohol problem even if one didn’t exist before.

Alcohol also interferes with extraction of nutrients which is already challenging after weight loss surgery. This can lead to osteoporosis as well as other health complications from improper nutrition.

In addition to the other pros and cons, alcohol use, as well as emotional eating, should be fully considered and addressed as a part of any decision to undertake a weight loss surgery. I’m neither for nor against weight loss surgery. It’s a drastic step  – but not one open to judgment by others.

I’ve linked a second article which outlines the best practices for alcohol use after a gastric bypass. after gastric bypass: Is it in your mind or gut? | Scienceline

Post ops and Alcohol: Do you drink too much? |