Do calorie counts on menus help? We don’t yet have a definitive answer for that question.

My opinion is that if it encourages restaurants to find ways to provide tasty choices that aren’t calorie bombs it will be worthwhile. In the meantime it can be horrifying.

Keep in mind that what ultimately matters isn’t the calorie count of the meal but how much you eat before reaching satisfaction. If you are eating in a mindful way, your body will notify you when you’ve had enough – no calorie counting required.

However, that gets harder in a social environment, if you eat in a hurry, were exceptionally hungry upon arrival, or have been caught up in the dieting lifestyle of restriction and deprivation.

Feel free to use the calorie count to guide you, or to ignore it and instead tune in to your own inner wisdom. I Spent My Lunch Hour Logging Calorie Counts| The Washington Post