By Lisa Newman, Publisher

You’re too busy. I get it. You’re too busy to move your body. Too busy to eat differently. Too busy to learn something new … And that’s ok. Our revolution isn’t one that you win by big leaps. It doesn’t require giving up, or committing, or changing everything. It is a revolution that’s practiced in small steps – a flash of awareness, a moment of curiosity, one minute of mindfulness, one less negative thought.

Every one of these is a win. Added up every day and you’ll be surprised at where you are in a month, much less a year.

Ask yourself, just for today, can you:

  • Catch a negative thought about your body and replace it with a positive one?
  • Catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and instead of focusing on a flaw, look into your own eyes with appreciation?
  • Stop for just a moment and ask yourself “what am I feeling right now?” And allow it.
  • Take a single deep breath before you eat?
  • Think a thought of gratitude during a moment of stress?
  • Catch yourself reacting automatically, and step back for just a moment with curiosity as to what’s going on?
  • Focus only on your food during a meal with no multitasking or thinking about what’s next? If not for the whole meal, for even a minute or two?
  • Stand up and move your body for just one minute?
  • Focus on something you love that gives you pleasure for just one a few seconds? Your pet, your child, your partner, a beautiful flower?
  • Fully enjoy whatever it is you are eating with no guilt?
  • Lay a moment longer in bed not doing anything?
  • Stand a moment longer in the shower with your eyes closed?
  • Hug yourself or someone else?
  • Catch yourself right before you put a snack in your mouth and ask “what am I hoping to get from this food?” No judgment, no stopping. Just a question?
  • Do anything for just a moment that gives you pleasure with full consciousness and enjoyment?

Do one, or do them all! There’s no score and there’s no goal. Where else can you add a moment or a minute of good stuff into your life? Where can you expand that to two minutes or more?

Ask yourself what are you really longing for? What is missing?

What would you most enjoy doing if the universe granted you a free day? And look for ways to get just a little bit more of that. Just start. Where you are. Right now.

Lisa Newman

Lisa Newman


Lisa Newman serves women in mid-life who want to get beyond emotional eating. She approaches healing from the bottom up in order to affect real and lasting change while developing each woman’s inner wisdom as to what is uniquely right for them. She is also the Publisher of the website Women Eat, bringing together the best voices in the fields of psychology, nutrition, fitness, and personal growth to answer the question, “If diets don’t work, what does?”

She is a certified Psychology of Eating Coach with over 30 years of experience in peer counseling, coaching, speaking, and teaching. You can find out more at the Beyond Emotional Eating Virtual Group and on the WomenEat About page.