Tone deaf? Unforgivably inelegant? Misguided? Fat shaming? This show has evoked serious discussion and backlash.

Have you seen this show? What do you think? Harmless satire or dangerous stereotypes?

Having watched the first six episodes of Insatiable, we can say that the way it portrays body image is more nuanced that what the trailer suggests. But more nuanced certainly doesn’t mean good, or even valuable. The show is meant to be satire, a tool often used to confront sensitive topics and expose our biases and vulnerabilities surrounding those issues. Yet Insatiable is unforgivably inelegant as satire. It fails not only to land its purportedly progressive message about body image and weight, but also its storylines tackling sexuality, sexual agency, classism, race, and transgender acceptance.’s ‘Insatiable’: Fat-Shaming Is the Least of This Misguided Show’s Problems