In this well-worded article, Linda from the cool blog Fluffy Kitten Party discusses the thin privilege that coaches use when we talk about weight loss not being the key to happiness. It’s eye-opening, and has helped me better understand parts of the experience of being in a larger body that hasn’t been my own. I can see through her words that while being or becoming thin isn’t going to magically change everything else about you, that it does make living in a thin-obsessed culture much easier.

Body dissatisfaction comes in all sizes, but each size has its own distinct experience in the world. Thin is definitely a privilege whether you get it naturally, through healthy habits, or through unhealthy ones.

As much as I like to beat the drum that you can be happy and thrive at any size, it’s important to remember: we live in a world that hates fat people, was not built to accommodate us, considers our bodies an “epidemic,” does not offer us representation, and is not concerned with out comfort or happiness. To be fat is to be at war with a world that so desperately wants you to not exist., Happiness, and the Problem of Unchecked Thin Privilege – Fluffy Kitten Party