This thoughtful piece goes into case stories of how being overweight can get in the way of health care. It goes into the stigma, the invisibility, and particularly the prejudice that leads medical personnel to seeing every problem as being caused by your weight.

I wish everyone of every weight would read this article and become more sensitive to the issues of getting medical care while overweight. It seems so sad for those who are overweight to be dismissed by the medical profession. It doesn’t help, and as this article points out, can actually hurt.

Since we know that diets don’t work, and that weight loss doesn’t always result even from the healthiest lifestyle, it’s important that every one of every size have access to health care.

Don’t let the system cause you to avoid accessing medical care. I’ve been told that a powerful question to ask is, “What would you recommend if I wasn’t overweight?”“No Fatties”: When Health Care Hurts | Read more at Longreads