There are other things that  could be causing food sensitivity that you blame on gluten. Fructans could be the actual culprit as fructans are also contained in wheat. If this is true for you then you can resume eating some high gluten foods that are low in fructans.

In the research, 59 non-celiacs who ate a gluten-free diet were asked to eat special cereal bars. One type contained gluten, another fructans, and the third had neither. The participants were split into three groups, with each person eating one bar a day for a week, before having a week’s break and then eating the next bar. They didn’t know which bar was which.

The results showed that the fructans bar triggered bloating 15 percent more than the control bar, and gastrointestinal symptoms 13 percent more. However, the gluten bar was found to be no different from the control bar.

“Gluten Sensitivity” May Not Actually Be Caused By Gluten | IFL Science