Much of what we think we know about eating and weight is actually not proven science. Even the common belief that overeating causes obesity is based on correlation rather than causation according to this analysis.

The mere act of eating just like anyone else is labeled as “overeating” in a fat person. But people, regardless of their size, who believe they have “overeating” issues are most often exhibiting completely normal, natural biological responses to starvation, hunger and weight loss — in developed countries, that means voluntary starvation, otherwise called dieting. Healthy people, whether naturally fat or thin, who aren’t dieting or trying to control their weights don’t have problems with “overeating.”

To prove his point the author goes deeply into the Minnesota Starvation Study and it’s resulting social impact. It’s fascinating look at how we come to believe untruths about ourselves and our bodies. we’ve come to believe that overeating causes obesity  |  Junkfood  Science