Be aware that health classes in school may be giving outdated and potentially dangerous messages about weight and weight loss. Many schools are providing lessons about food and eating that encourage eating disorders, judgment, and bullying. They may also be measuring body composition or weighing students.

In many schools, health class has become downright harmful. According to family physician, childhood feeding expert and author Dr. Katja Rowell, “harmful, anxiety-inducing ‘health’ advice is everywhere.” Rowell says that “dangerous messages permeate every class, from official assignments to offhand comments or ‘wisdom’ teachers share. A second grader was told by a teacher that sugar is more ‘addictive’ than narcotics. A reading assignment asks a child to circle ‘bad’ foods. A teacher shares her bulimia history in detail with middle school girls, which research shows is risky.”

It’s important to counter any of these harmful messages with ones of self acceptance and body positivity. And of course it’s important to model the same yourself. School Health Lessons Harming Kids? | For Parents | US News