Ditching the diet is foundational to overcoming our struggles with eating, whether or not they rise to the level of eating disorder.

This article discusses why diets are so detrimental and how the associated “safety behaviors” can undermine you. These behaviors include strictly monitoring your weight and food intake. The authors propose that instead you can better cope with your anxiety through increasing self trust and self care.

The most important action that a person can take to recover from eating disorders is to stop dieting. Weight loss dieting is the number one cause of eating disorders, binge eating, body dissatisfaction and low self-esteem. But ditching the diet is only the first step. It is necessary to investigate and address factors that maintain eating disorders.

https://theconversation.com/eating-disorders-are-hard-to-overcome-but-ditching-diets-is-crucial-96078Eating disorders are hard to overcome, but ditching diets is crucial | The Conversation