Consider that comments on other’s appearance or eating habits has negative effects – even when your comments are positive. This is true at holidays or any day. You don’t know the reasons for anyone else’s weight loss or gain so it’s best to not assume.

“You never really know what’s going on behind changes in someone’s weight,” said Rachael Hartley, a registered dietitian based in Charleston, South Carolina. “I’ve heard many examples from clients where their weight loss was complimented, and really they were in the midst of a pretty severe eating disorder, or engaging in really disordered eating behaviors to get to that size.”

Discussion of weight can be triggering or shaming and it’s none of your business. Hearing compliments on weight loss and negative comments on weight gain was one of the factors that kept me in the dieting cycle for years. It only fueled my self judgment and pursuit of a body size that isn’t healthy or sustainable for me.

If you haven’t seen someone in awhile, such as during family holiday gatherings, appearance may seem like an obvious topic. But on holidays, and all the time, let’s vow to focus on the many more interesting topics available for discussion. You Should Never Comment On Someone’s Weight Or Eating Habits At Thanksgiving | HuffPost Life