Sugar as bad as crystal meth? Let’s get real! As this article points out, sugar and crystal meth have nothing in common except being white and crystalline. There’s no reason to fear sugar in moderation.

Remember that the dose makes the poison. If you want your tea or coffee with a spoon of sugar, and the rest of your diet is basically nutritious, then go for it. Even if you have a few of these cups of tea in a day. After all, a single cola drink has about 12 teaspoons of sugar. So, a few teaspoons of sugar a day in your tea isn’t the end of the world. Nor is an occasional piece of chocolate or sweet treat.

If you are interested in feeling better about sugar as well as links to some solid research, this article by a Registered Dietician is worth investigating.

Americans tend to eat too much sugar. That means we have less nutritious diets – eating too many high-sugar foods leaves no room for the more nutritious stuff. When we don’t get the nutrients we need, our health is at risk. Eating too much sugar can also contribute to tooth decay because of the acids produced in our mouth after eating it.

But research shows no ill effects from eating moderate amounts of sugar. Indeed, moderate amounts of sugar can make healthy eating more pleasurable. And pleasure is key to eating healthfully for a lifetime. If we don’t like it, we won’t keep doing it. Research shows that, too.

The real dangers of demonizing sugar have nothing to do with the substance itself. Instead, they are about how we think about it.


Sugar as Bad as Crystal Meth? Please, Stop with the Food Fear | Read more at Huffington Post