My own husband had to be reminded that you can’t tell a person’s health by looking at their body when pictures of Adele popped onto my screen. Adele is amazing at any weight so why are we talking about her body instead of her talent, beauty, or good intentions toward essential workers?

It is well documented that weight stigma is associated with higher weight. It’s harmful, not helpful.

People in larger bodies can be healthy and people in smaller bodies can be unhealthy. Doing unhealthy things in order to lose weight doesn’t make you healthier. I wish Adele the best for her body and health at any size, but know that her current weight loss isn’t possible or optimal for many. And it makes me sad to see weight loss celebrated when there are so many amazing women at every size doing amazing things that have nothing to do with their size.

What’s your experience been when there’s news of celebrity weight loss or gain?

Adele Thanked Essential Workers – The Internet Obsessed Over Her Weight | Daily Beast