It’s not what a nutritionist would recommend, but it’s what works for journalist Drew Magary. Here’s his funny story about the power of finding your own best way of eating. There’s some fatphobic language but the main idea is valuable. Viva la difference!

So I ate pancakes the next morning. And the morning after that. And for four months after that. Now I eat them as a matter of routine. I have not gained weight. I’m actually DOWN a couple pounds since I started, because I really do eat like a pauper at other meals (mainly lunch; by dinnertime I’m ready to house an entire fried chicken again). I also haven’t seen my cholesterol go up in the interim, because I haven’t had it checked. But what I don’t know can’t hurt me. That’s a guiding principle of America itself. I can’t believe I could’ve been eating pancakes all these years instead of limiting myself to a tablespoon of strained Chobani yogurt with a single walnut hunk on top. OH WHAT A FOOLISH MORTAL WAS I.

Drew Magary: I’m on a pancake only breakfast diet and I wish I’d started this sooner | SFGate