The Unruly Bodies is a series of essays is curated by Roxane Gay, author of Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body. In this series, published each Tuesday on Medium, a different author writes about their experience in an “unruly” body – one that’s different, doesn’t confirm with expectations, or causes them challenges.

Examples include The Body That Ages, The Body That Says “I Am Here,” and The Body That Breaks The Rules. These are beautifully written and deeply honest essays about the experiences that bodies have in the world.

Writing can be a powerful way to access your story and begin to change it. After reading a few of the essays in this series, maybe you will want to try your hand at writing an essay about your own body. This can be a private exploration, or for sharing. And if you want to share with us please do.

Here is a link to the series:

Unruly Bodies Series | Read more at Medium