Here’s some words of wisdom from the Ellyn Satter Institute, an internationally recognized authority on eating and feeding.

Examination of recent obesity data makes it clear that it is time to stop chasing weight loss! This is not to say that we should or will let ourselves go. Instead, we can address the issue in a way that it can be solved. We can responsibly devote ourselves to weight-neutral approaches to good health (Health at Every Size, if you will): Eating well (in my definition, that would be the Satter Eating Competence Model), moving in ways that we enjoy and are therefore sustainable, and developing respect for bodies.

The incidence of overweight in adults and children has leveled off, probably not because obesity interventions work – they don’t. Although hope springs eternal in the folks who throw millions annually at fruitless weight-loss efforts, in our saner moments we know there is no cure. The leveling-off is more likely because we have achieved some sort of equilibrium with recent years’ changes in family meal patterns and the marketplace, with the dietary confusion and disorder from the extreme food selection rules that got a toe-hold in the 1980s, and, yes, with attempts at weight loss. These attempts show a pattern of beginning each weight loss effort weighing more than at the start of the previous one.

Her recommendations include such things as “take care of yourself – sustainably – without tormenting yourself about weight loss.” And, focusing on becoming what she calls a “competent eater,” embracing the intuitive non-diet approach. body weight won’t kill you | ESI