This interesting article traces the mindful eating trend back to Victorian England, showing that before we became obsessed with what we eat there was an older obsession with how we eat.

It’s not necessary to count how many times you chew – or to join a munching club! Just pay attention and fully enjoy the experience of eating!

Mindful eating encourages people to pay attention to food with all of their senses, noticing the physical and emotional responses that take place before, during and after an eating experience. Mindful eating teaches people to use wisdom to guide eating decisions, acknowledge food preferences non-judgementally and recognise physical hunger cues.

Despite its current popularity among psychologists, nutritionists and dietitians, mindful eating is nothing new. In fact, it can be traced back to the late Victorian era and the work of the US health food enthusiast Horace Fletcher. And yet, nutrition today still remains too concerned with which foods to eat and which foods to limit. Whether you call it Fletcherism or mindful eating, this practice demonstrates that learning how to eat is just as important as learning what to eat. eating: the Victorian food trend that could help you lose weight and transform your health