Whether it rises to the level of a “disorder” of not, body dysmorphia is a serious problem that could be driving your chronic dieting and restricting. Many women get the message in puberty that our body size or shape is a concern and go from there to seeing ourselves in a distorted way. If you often think your body is gross or has flaws, that you’re bloated, that you need to lose weight, or if you have excessive worry and shame over your body then it’s time to consider if body dysmorphia is operating under the surface.

Body trust and body acceptance are important to stepping out of the dieting cycle so don’t dismiss body dysmorphia.

The distorted perception of one’s self goes beyond vanity. It can wreak havoc on everything from relationships with friends and family to one’s relationship with personal betterment. Statistically, 2.2 percent of women and 2.5 percent of men in the United States have had experiences with BDD in some way or another, but because of a lack of information and an aversion to professional help, it goes undiagnosed and is allowed to harm how one sees themselves.

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