You may have seen the recent headlines touting this new research with various amounts of fruits and vegetables recommended. As this article points out the number determined to make a difference in mood and emotional wellbeing is five servings (total including both) per day.

Serving sizes are not fixed, but generally a serving is one cup of raw vegetables and a half cup of cooked. And keep in mind it still counts as a vegetable even if covered in cheese sauce or breaded and fried. Potatoes count too, as do all the onions and other vegetables in soups, casseroles, and egg dishes.

You can do this!

Adding more whole foods into your diet has other advantages including increased fiber which keeps you full and keeps your digestion running smoothly.

The researchers say their results suggest the more fruit and veg people eat, the better their reported mental wellbeing. They say that “even modest changes in the consumption patterns of individuals could lead to substantive positive effects for the wellbeing of large cohorts of the population”. No-one who grew up being urged to “eat up your greens” will be surprised by news that eating fruit and vegetables improves your health. But you may be more surprised to know that evidence is starting to point to a link with better mental health as well. more fruit and veg ‘improves mental wellbeing’ | NHS