The climate crisis is already affecting our food and by 2050 it’s predicted that major changes in the way we eat will become necessary. This article, based on an interview with author Amanda Little, gives a positive look at how we can protect our food system, adapt to changes, and still enjoy delicious taste. Little says that disruption in our food system is the single greatest threat from climate change. She explores the issue extensively in her book The Fate of Food: What We’ll Eat in a Bigger, Hotter, Smarter World.

Little explores what it will take to continue feeding 7.5 billion people in a world where farming practices are becoming dangerously compromised due to the effects of a climate crisis – catastrophic droughts, record-breaking heatwaves, and wildly swinging weather systems. What began as an 18-month project ballooned into a five-year mission to understand an enormously complex, intricate and surprisingly emotional issue. I spoke to Little about her book, food systems on the brink of collapse, and what our meals might look like in 2050.

It’s a perfect time to start expanding past obsession with eating and weight into a conversation about the broader values surrounding our eating.

How the Climate Crisis Will Change Your Plate in 2050 | The Guardian