The more you open your eyes to the subtle and not so subtle messages of fatphobia, the more you will see how pervasive this has become in our society.  It’s no wonder that so many women feel bad about their normal bodies.

Even when weight loss isn’t the explicit outcome of investing in some kind of healthy habit or practice, it’s often used as the main marketing message. Because skinny (or strong, depending on who you ask) sells. And it sells because people have been trained to be afraid of fat.

It keeps us engaged in buying “health” without actually understanding that healthy behaviors don’t have aesthetic outcomes. It empties our wallets and feeds a system that preys on our insecurities, and then empties our emotional reserves by setting us up, constantly, for failure.’s How Fatphobia Is Being Marketed to You – And Why So Many of Us Buy Into It | Read more at Everyday Feminism