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An Interview With a Doctor Who No Longer Gives Weight Loss Advice

An Interview With a Doctor Who No Longer Gives Weight Loss Advice

Weight loss goals aren’t risk free says this doctor, which is why he no longer gives weight loss advice. Dr. Joshua Wolrich, a surgeon with the NHS in Britain has this to say:

“Doctors, nurses, psychologists, and medical students have all been shown to harbor negative attitudes toward their fat patients…It’s concerning how early on this starts too. A survey of more than 4,500 medical students showed that the majority exhibited implicit (74 percent) and explicit (67 percent) weight bias.This is incredibly concerning and needs to change.

When a person is discriminated against or stereotyped due to their weight, it has numerous negative health effects, both mental and physical. From depression and eating disorders to increased blood pressure, and chronic inflammation, weight stigma is certainly no joke.Weight stigma has inherent potential to negatively influence the quality and content of the care that patients receive.”

It’s good to see that the dangers of weight stigma and indiscriminate weight loss advice are finally getting attention in the medical community.

As Your Doctor, I Won’t Indiscriminately Give Weight Loss Advice Anymore | Healthline

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