Here’s more evidence that shame over holiday eating hurts us, and not just during the holidays. As this article points out, seasonal tips on overeating serve to fuel food guilt. And that stays with us, setting us up for future overeating and binging.

A less obvious downside of all this holiday food anxiety is that it sets in motion a restrict-binge cycle that can be hard to find your way out of, even once the season is over. If thinking about food over the holidays makes you feel anxious, or if being around it makes you feel out of control, know that you’re not alone in feeling that way. The good news? It’s absolutely possible to change your relationship with food around the holidays, and in general.

The answer is giving yourself permission to eat and practicing other intuitive eating skills. Not only will you go into the New Year with a healthier mindset but you will enjoy yourself more when you lose the diet and restriction mentality.

Shame About Holiday Eating Hurts Us Year-Round. Here’s How to Fix It | Huffington Post