In Laura Thomas’s new book on intuitive eating, Just Eat It, she talks about her own struggles with eating despite having a Ph.D. in nutrition.

Some of her truth bombs include:

A study of healthcare professionals found that around 50% of the sample they surveyed had symptoms concordant with orthorexia nervosa. (A more recent study in the US showed even higher rates among dietitians.)

Almost 60% of women in the UK are on a diet or attempting to lose weight, despite the burgeoning body-positivity and fat-liberation movements. 

And estimates of disordered eating are as high as half to three-quarters of women.

I say, “Houston, we’ve got a problem.” Who can read stats like this and continue to believe that diet culture and it’s companion wellness culture are leading us in the right direction?

The link to the article I curated is expired due to the publication The Pool going out of business, but I look forward to reading the book.