Here is more discussion of intuitive eating and living the anti-diet way. Dietician Christy Harrison is one of the experts interviewed in anticipation of her upcoming book Anti-Diet says this:

“There’s evidence that 75 percent of women between the ages of 25 and 45 have some form of disordered eating, which makes any diet extremely dangerous for them,” says Harrison, pointing out a 2008 study by SELF in partnership with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “What’s more, there’s evidence that a lot of the ailments that typically get blamed on food — like digestive disorders, bloating, ‘brain fog’, hormonal abnormalities, skin problems, etc. — can actually be caused by disordered eating, not food itself.”

Christy also makes the point that intuitive eating is our default mode – what we are born knowing how to do. This last point is an important differentiation. Intuitive eating isn’t another program or plan to follow but rather is your body’s natural way of knowing how to eat. By stepping out of the dieting cycle you are re-connecting with your own wisdom of how to best feed yourself.

What Is Intuitive Eating? What You Need to Know About This Anti-Diet Way of Life | The Zoe Report