Journaling is an effective tool for bringing what’s unconscious to light, so that you can understand what’s blocking you in meeting your goals, including goals for eating and health. Questions, prompts, and structured exercises help you shed light on your inner dialogue, providing the opportunity for new insights.

There’s something extra powerful about putting pen to paper and writing – but by discussing, or even thinking about these prompts, you can also find new connections to your own inner wisdom.

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Journaling Questions–the Revolution Issue

Here are some suggested prompts from Contributor Anne-Sophie Reinhardt:

Writing from your body’s experience can be powerful.

  • If my body could talk, it would tell me . . .
  • I’m grateful that my body . . .

You can also write about the experiences in your life that have shown you’re more than just a body. Or you can write your life story through your body’s eyes – that is what would your body say about its life with you?

Here are some suggested prompts from our Publisher, Lisa Newman:

How do I reflect the “dieting lifestyle” in my life?

  • In what ways have I put weight ahead of health? Have I done unhealthy or even dangerous things in pursuit of weight loss?
  • When did I first think my body wasn’t good enough, and what prompted that thinking?
  • How much of my time is spent thinking about my body, my weight, or my eating? What could I do with that time if I stopped obsessing over these issues?